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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spuds are to be sprouted!

It was decided unanimously at the last meeting we should sprout spuds. Several ideas were put forward and an innovative idea has been sprouted!

Wire (from in the shed) will be used to form cylinders, spuds will be placed in the bottom and as they grow the cylinders will be filled with mulch and straw to keep them growing vertically (this is the plan anyway).

A prototype has been implemented (thankyou to the worker bee who did this) - pop in and see for yourself. We will post photos soon...stay tuned for progress updates.

We are thinking of having quite a few with different varieties spread around the garden.

What do you think?

Update - March 19 2011

Five Sebago potato stacks have been installed - thankyou to those who helped last Sunday morning. A box of Kipfler's has also been added. We are all now watching and waiting...please pop in to sing to them!

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